Choose the better between the two best (Summer Love Story special)

“You can’t serve two masters.” Heard from an anonymous person somewhere out there.It was a bit hard for me to believe that line above until I myself went through an exact situation wherein reality hits the transparent meaning of it like a werewolf trying to divide hisself into half to show a fair and square treatment towards two different things.

I know I could..

I thought I could..

School’s out. I was in the process of making myself ready for the summer vacation but Internship comes my way. So no more happiness. LOL! Wait, let me revise it — no more summer love. Yeah, right summer love.

I called it summer love ’cause you know as a very busy and competitive student (LOL! I use the word competitive for comedy’s sake only thus, competitive in a way like for an example an extrovert meets an introvert then he also becomes introvert. Something like that) I can’t have time to hang out with my opposite sex so I only could have the so-called love life when vacation came.

So here we go. The summer love story began when I met a guy whom I wasn’t attract with initially and I seriously didn’t feel any exotic feeling towards him that’s why I kept on telling myself to get rid of him ’cause I didn’t like him. But my stupid girl friends kept on insisting me to give him a chance to prove hisself to me. (Well ang ganda ko noh? Hahaha!) And so I did.

Two weeks had passed when I started to appreciate him, his efforts, his kindness, his everything. He proved me chivalry isn’t dead yet. Then I found myself liking him to the point that I even told myself, I love this creature.

Being in a relationship isn’t very easy for me. Maybe because of not being good at this thing. Not an expert you know.

Then here it goes. OJT came. We became the so called long distance relationship cause I’m in Venus while he’s in Earth. That’s the estimated exaggerating distance. Hahaha.

I love him but I also love my study. I can’t manage to be with them both. So I have to make a resolution to this. One word to solve it, choose. Who to choose?

If I choose him, I’ll definitely lose time for my study especially after OJT, thesis will be there.

But if I choose my study, I’ll be broken. He’s my first real boyfriend so I don’t want to end it up like that. 

This was the hardest decision to make. I act impulsively before and I don’t want to do that again.

Then I suddenly remember what I heard from an anonymous human out there, you can’t serve two masters. 

Now, I started to believe it.


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