In line with the semester ending month, fourth year students of Bulacan State University (BulSU) under College of Arts And Letters (CAL) with the major of Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (BATA) produced a remake musical play of one of the most popular fairy tales entitled Pinocchio and the strings of lies as their exit production last March 10-11 at BulSU Valencia Hall. 

Pinocchio and the Strings of Lies has no difference from the original story of Pinocchio which is about a boy crafted by woods aimed to be a real man. For him the only solution to achieve his goal is to be a liar. 


I put my two thumbs up for the amazing remake of the story wherein the antagonists of different fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Little Mermaid and Alice and Wonderland had a big part on the play thinking that they became the antagonists of their own stories and did lousy acts towards their protagonists just because of Pinocchio’s lies. Two words to describe the concept, well-written!


From the very beginning until the end, the characters of the play became consistent and such a wonderful actors and singers as well since it is a musical play. Two words to describe the characters, perfectly portrayed!


Whenever you try to visualize the real setting of those different stories, it is somehow close to what the Theater Arts did. The Stage became very flexible for putting three different locations altogether like the tower of Rapunzel, the part where Snow White’s step mother’s room located and the mansion of Cinderella. The disappointment part of the setting was that I was looking for more when it comes to the ocean setting. Yeah, they were good in building the ship and Ursula’s hall but where’s the water? I suggest to put at least blue curtains on the floor or what ever that can make the floor oceanic looking. 


The characters are very good singers. However, they sometimes sang obscurely because of the microphones’s fault maybe and even the way they speak. Audiences were asking each other if what does the character said because they can’t hear words coming out from them clearly. The lightings are also noticeable or is it just me noticing sometimes the inconsistent dazzling of lights? Two words to describe the technicals, Inconsistently fading. 


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