Highlights of 2015 up to present: Anonymous people go viral in social media sites by the help of Millennials

Some people on different social media sites attempt to catch netizen’s attention just to make their names go popular online. I don’t seriously know the reason behind those but if you are going to think deeper, facebook becomes one of the hottest existing social media account which is its “likes, shares and comments” are very relevant for some strange people and some strange reason as well. However, there are few lucky people that caught netizen’s attention whole-heartedly.


Way back April 2015 when the Dubsmash application became in demand for android and apple users in a sense that 9 out of 10 millennials ought to upload their dubsmash videos online. 

So there is this one pretty cool young lady dubsmasher who is setting the lights up of social media lately. She is Nico Maine Mendoza or also known as the dubsmash queen.

Her dubsmash videos on her facebook has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, likes and shares as well. She was discovered by the noon time show Eat Bulaga for their new segment entitled Kalyeserye and now became the most trendy celebrity of 2015. If you don’t know her nor watch old videos of her, I bet you must see this if you are having a bad day. It will surely makes your eyes teary because of too much fun. 


“Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan.” This was proven by Raven Guzman of Sudipen, La Union or also known as the Little Drummer Boy for making his dream become feasible to achieve despite the indigence they are encountering.

According to Cristina, Raven’s mother, she discovered her son’s ability in playing drums at the age of 2. She said that she always scold him for picking the cans across the street and play with it pretending it’s a drum set. 

In spite of being an only child, Nemecio, Raven’s father admits he couldn’t afford his son’s dream because it is too much expensive. So that he decided to create a mini improvised drum set using old tumbler, lumber, cans, woods and etc. 

Raven’s parents upload his video on youtube playing with his improvised drum set and it has garnered hundreds of views and likes. Raven was discovered by the Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho and became their guest. He played with it live together with his idol Maine Mendoza, the dubsmash queen and a female drummer of Eat Bulaga. Here is a piece of Raven’s video playing with his improvised drum set together with Maine Mendoza.


Recently, one guy took the heart of the netizens instantly because of his captivating looks. Edwina Bandong, a netizen girl who became paparazzi to this guy and stole photos of his and were posted online as the man was carrying the basket full of carrots in the farm where he works. 

This anonymous awesome man’s name is Jeyrick Sigmaton, a native Igorot who works in the carrot farm in Bauko, Monamon Sur, Mountain Province. 

Edwina uploaded Jeyrick’s stolen photos immediately on facebook and it abruptly became viral before she noticed. Then from a simple farmer, Jeyrick now became a hearth throb in every social media sites. He was featured again in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho and was guest to late afternoon show, Wowowin who’s host is Willie Revillame. Try to click and watch the link below and you will see how the heart throb carrot man become emotional because of the hardships he suffers. 


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