The beat of one’s memoir

“Dancing is not my innate talent but every time I dance I turned automatically into a better version of me.” -Cj Garcia

When and where did you discover your potential in dancing?

I started dancing when I was still in 1st year Highschool. Where did I learn to dance? YOUTUBE IS MY BEST FRIEND but I’m not the same dancer like before. I was lame, no I mean the worst. Nobody taught me the fundamentals of dancing, I just watched tutorial videos of people doing isolations.

Who encouraged you to enhance your skills? 

Jabbawockeez. They are the first group that inspired me to be better in dancing, no dancing is not my innate talent, I surround myself with my friends whom for some strange reason got hooked in the America’s Best Dance Crew hype. We were copying them, “biting” their steps.

Can you tell me some achievements of yours with your passion? 

1st year I tried to auditioned to my High School Dance Club fortunately I got in, but I’m placed in the Group B (in other words the “not so good” group) so I quit and focused myself freestyling to different dance styles. I didn’t have a focused style, that’s why I call it freestyling. 

I tried to record myself dancing so I can watch it and also I thought I was good back then. After a few videos, I realized that I have to be a member of our Highschool dance club so, 3rd year Highschool I was supposed to sign up but the slots were full so there you go, bye bye dancing. 

Around october 2010 there was a program that we, the science club members held and we the members need to perform a dance number. So I led them and practiced, after the performance the Dance Club president asked me if I want to join, I said yes. 

3rd I was the rookie, the newbie, also I was lined up to perform outside the school. Yes, Group A. Then 2011 went by, I became the president of dance club, then graduation came.


My friend asked me to join a summer dance workshop hosted by Hyper Dynamics Dance Troupe, so I participated and collected some awards “most improved and best male dancer”. Then I went to UST to start my college life. 

Engineering! Yay! Entered engineering dance troupe. I have improved a lot, freestyle became choreography. Then I joined another group, Engineering Science Dance Troupe. We were composed only with 1st and 2nd year Engineering Students. So we joined the dance competition held during our Engineering General Assembly. We won, 1st place.

Then I met Juvenile Dance Crew, and auditioned. I went in, and they taught me everything I know about dancing, disicipline, and basic things I needed to know as a dancer. 

But I forgot to prioritize my studies, so I got failing grades and sent back to Bulacan.

Bulacan State University, Auditioned in Hyper Dynamics Dance Troupe, never learned anything new, they were corrupt. And full of ego, a year has passed and I quit. After a year I will joined Elusive, and now I’m a graduating student, still a member of Elusive, and I will never forget my roots, Juvenile, where I officially started dancing as a passion. 


Elusive Dance Crew performed at Bulacan State University activity Center. (From left Janielle Mendoza, Arrel Millares, Elger Garovillo, Cj Garcia, Dian Peralta, JuanRyan Laloon, Eiron Pingol, Cerck Zeus Cailipan and Macko Bernardo) Photo by Jockie Berog



Cj Garcia as he sits in the BulSU Activity Center’s bench, holding a book. Photo by Jockie Berog


Cj Garcia as he reads his book at the BulSU AC. Photo by Jockie Berog


“Before dancing, stretching is indeed.” -Cj Garcia Photo by Jockie Berog


Cj Garcia makes his move as he finished his warm up. Photo by Jockie Berog


Close up to Cj Garcia’s side view shot. Photo by Jockie Berog


Cj Garcia with his crew mate Markus Mendoza at his left dance pose. Photo by Jockie Berog


From left Markus Mendoza, harvey Ejaus, and Cj Garcia as they practice their piece for their upcoming dance event. Photo By Jockie Berog


Cj Garcia as he removes the sweat in his face during their water break of the practice. Photo By Jockie Berog


Cj Garcia puts his hands above his knee while looking at his crew. Photo By Jockie Berog



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