PHOTOJOURNALISM: “Perfect Strangers”

Candid photo of a girl as she plays her hair by the wind blows. Photo by Jockie Berog

It was wednesday when we went to La Consolation University of the Philippines to fetch my cousin when this unknown lady caught my eyes for playing with her beautiful lively hair through the wind blows.

 Photo of a father taking care of his baby. Photo by Jockie Berog

Same location where I went to capture the first pic, La Consolation, I also saw a father and son moments and it really hooked me thinking that it’s really good to see a father who is proud silently shouting to the world that he loves his son so much.

 Two Strangers who are using their phones. Photo by Jockie Berog

I was sitting in the federizo hall’s park waiting for the freedom run to start when the two girls on my left start talking to each other. I was eavesdropping to their conversation and I heard that the girl wearing black borrowed the phone of the other girl to text her friend and the girl with a red ribbon on her hand agreed.


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