Photojourn Project


  Moving vehicles went stop at the middle of a traffic. Photo by Jockie Berog

I was riding on a jeepney when I saw this traffic of vehicles along Malolos Bulacan yesterday. There was a traffic enforcer but still the moving vehicles went stop at a time. This is probably one of the society issues that the government must give attention. 


The kid take his first bite of a sweet corn gave by a kind-hearted stranger. Photo by Jockie Berog

At the age of three, this kid used to live all by himself by asking strangers to give him any kind of meals or money perhaps. I stared the people he went to but they ignored him. Until one girl bought that sweet corn and gave it to this young kid. The attitude of that girl is our society needs most. 


  Six kids outside the pond are playing while waiting for a school of fish to appear. Photo by Jockie Berog

I was on my way to Tibaguin, Hagonoy Bulacan when I saw these kids playing on the water and shouted what are they doing then they shouted back that they are about to play while waiting for school of fish to fetch outside the pond. It’s really good to think that at their young age, they already know how to help their parents’ business.


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