Malolos Congress: 117th year Commemoration

Different citizens, townsmen and government officials of Bulacan unite for the 117th year commemoration of Malolos Congress held at Barasoain Church in Malolos last September 15, 2015; 7am to 10am.

            The program was started by an opening prayer followed by the National Anthem of the Philippines and a special number by Ms. Trixie Dayrit, the Sta. Maria’s best singer of kundiman.

Mr. Christian Natividad, mayor of City of Malolos, introduced the event’s theme, “Kongreso ng Malolos, Gabay sa Pagkabansa.” and he welcomed everyone including the officials, the media people, and the guest speaker Igg. Gavini “Apol” Pancho to the City.

Bulacan’s Governor Wilhelmino M. Sy-Alvarado had a brief review regarding the history of the Malolos Congress. He discussed things about how, when and where it was established. According to him, it is reliable to every Bulakenyos to know the history of the said event.


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