Athlete’s victory

A team that binds by love and trust, is a characteristic of a champion has. But a team that is full of misunderstandings, is definitely a team of nothing. Once an athlete will always be an athlete. And every athlete must considered of having the champion’s characteristics as well. 
Even they lose in the volleyball tournament, the College of Arts and letters shows a well-played and a good teamwork in and outside the court. They are now consider as the new suffers for the other colleges who always humiliate them in every tournaments. Many people shocked when they won in the first set of the game against Bustos Satellite which has no lose in the entire tournament. Over the past years, the college of Arts and letters never make the cut of the first set that is why the crowd was surprise of the improvement of the said college in the volleyball competition.
The team was lead by their captain Shirley Buhain from Journalism 4A in the help of Kathleen Aguilar and Jockie Berog from Journalism 3A, Justine Cruz and Quenie Lorenzo from Broadcasting 3C and Jet’aime Mallari of Broadcasting 1st year. This year’s team was far greater than the formers.


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