Me and my group mates were searching for the history of the assigned town in Bulacan for our research paper on Philippine History. We decided to go to the municipality first to gain more informations before asking the resident’s opinions.

captured using my camera.

In order to go to the Mayor’s office, we climbed the stairs when one side of the outer part of the building caught my attention. The image above was taken from my camera and it really was annoying. Because if you were going to see the whole place, you can simply say, “Is this the outer part of the mayor’s building?” If Kendra Kramer saw this, she perhaps ask, “for real?”

A mayor is responsible for a wide variety of functions in city government. He is the one who regulates peace, cleanliness and oneness of the town. If this mayor who always passed by to this kind of building and not doing any actions to it, what would happen to the other problems of the entire town? 

We, residents, were the ones who brought that lake to that and was the reason of that perhaps but you as a mayor, may I ask what was your action to help your residents not to do that?

Mayor, you should reevaluate your life if you read this. https://cantonohio.gov/mayor/?pg=344


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