“Criticize the behavior, not the person.” – Ms. Shiella De Leon

Giving critical feedback that encourages someone to grow without making that person feel badly really is the hardest. You are thinking that if you notice someone’s mistakes, they will be mad at you especially for those who are having low self-esteem and for those who don’t know how to handle criticisms. In this post, you will be able to learn on how to criticize a person constructively without hurting their feelings. 

  • You should know the difference between constructive criticisms and destructive criticisms. Though they are both types of criticisms, there are a big difference between the two. A constructive criticism focuses on changing something someone does for the better, while destructive criticism focuses on what the person is and condemns it. In other words, constructive criticism tries to enhance positive change whereas destructive criticism works to bring someone down. 


example of the differemce between the two. photo from

  • Having good intentions. When you criticize someone’s work and behavior it will affect on how you deliver feedback. If you have a good motive besides wanting to help the person improve, keep in mind that good intentions doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a positive response. 
  • Determine whether you are the right person to issue constructive criticisms. If you are in a position of authority or someone has explicitly asked for your feedback, it is acceptable to give constructive criticism. 


Never assume every critic is a hater. Everyone is not hating on you. Someone out there is telling you the truth to help you to grow positively. If you are not open to constructive criticisms, then you are not open to truly growing as a person.



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