Alternative way to help make out of stress


“Try the power of chocolates whenever you feel like there’s no way out of problems.” Piece of advice from my father everytime he notice I am stressful. I wonder what kind of power do chocolates have. So I ask my teacher when I was in fourth year high school and he told me that sweets such as chocolates are good stress reliever. But few people of this generation used an alternative way to make out of stress by using social media. 

According to Heraclitus, the only constant thing in this world is none other than “change.”  I guess it was true because I noticed that todays generation has a big difference from the pasts. People from the past eats chocolate whenever they encounter difficulties.


In the image above, you will notice that the lady eats chocolate happily and looks stressless. 


 Unlike nowadays, people tend to post and share their problems on social media. One time I ask my friend posting status about her problem to her boyfriend, why did she do that then she says she feel like it helps her to lessen the aches. So I think that social media helps a few people to lessen their aches and stands as their stress reliever somehow.



  1.  I agree to what you’d been said, most of the people in this generation finds social media as a stress reliever But, I prepare to eat chocolates than to post my problem in social media. And, sometimes chocolate is sweeter than the person you used to talk hahaha. 😀 #ILoveChocolates

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