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One time I asked my co-Journalism student, “Where do you prefer to apply for our OJT? Online companies or Print?” She says, “I prefer online because it is easier, I guess.”

The photo above was taken from is an example of what we called Digital Journalism.

What is Digital Journalism? Digital journalism or online journalism is a contemporary form of journalism where editorial content is distributed via the internet as opposed to publishing via print or broadcast. 


Photo from the above photo shows the tools in using digital journalism.

Digital Journalism plays a big part in Journalists society’s life. The followings are the major benefits of online journalism to them:

  1.  It helps them to deliver news easier and faster. Journalists should pass their reports timely. Digital journalism is a helping hand on this matter. Through technology, they can post their news directly in the internet without any hassle.
  2. It helps them to communicate with their co-journalists well. A journalist doesn’t act his or herself only. They need connections with their co-workers who stand as their partner or a significant other to them. By the use of digital journalism, they can contact them well and much faster than before.
  3. No space limit for every articles. Unlike print articles in magazines, tabloids, and newspapers, journalists can write freely in digital journalism.

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    1. Very informative, it gives certain points regarding Digital Journalism. I suggest you should include the transition of traditional and modern style of writing. Good topic, keep it up. Kudos!

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